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The best online discussion of sparklines is on Edward Tufte's discussion forum, Ask ET:

General reference

Non-Commercial Implementations

Sparkline PHP Graphing Library


  • jQuery Sparklines Plugin - Generates client-side sparklines compatible with IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc
  • sparklines.js Javascript Sparklines - This is a recently-begun script to create sparklines in the client using Javascript and SVG. It has a long way to go - it needs to be cleaned up and made I.E. compatible, and at the moment you need to be running a Firefox Nightly to have SVG support. You can visit the homepage here. (page no longer there - 404 - 15-Mar-2008)








Excel VBA:

Commercial Implementations


BonaVista Systems MicroCharts is an intuitive add-in for Microsoft® Excel and Microsoft® SQL Server Analysis Services that allows users to quickly generate data-rich tables and graphs as small as the size of words. This clear and simple presentation helps business professionals quickly uncover positive external image smallMicroColumnsAsc.PNG, negative external image smallMicroColumnsDesc.PNG and other rising trends in their data so that they can better understand their business and ultimately make wiser decisions. MicroCharts incorporates the latest techniques in data visualization and dashboard design including columns external image smallMicroColumnsAsc.PNG, sparklines external image smallMicroLines.PNG, win/lose external image smallMicroWinLose.PNG, bar external image smallMicroBars.PNG, pie external image smallMicroPie.PNG and bullet graphs external image smallBulletGraph.PNG in a compact, word-sized format. MicroCharts Download BonaVista Systems is now owned by XLCubed. XLCubed also has this intro to sparklines on YouTube.

Bissantz SparkMaker

SparkMaker by Bissantz & Company is an Office add-in for sparklines in dashboards, spreadsheets, presentations and reports. Sparklines are available as bar or line graphics (even with trend indicators), whiskers and pie charts. User-defined functions for Excel XP and 2003, like "=sparkline(cellrange)", make sure that changes in the data are reflected automatically in the sparkline diagram. Sparklines are also available in vector-oriented Enhanced Metafile format and as bitmap files (BMP, GIF, JPG, or PNG). SparkMaker comes in three editions: Free, Basic and Pro with a free 30-day trial (full-functionality). SparkMaker-Download

Business Refinery SimpleCharts

SimpleCharts is a library to create sparklines, bullet graph charts in Java.


The home page is now available in french : les lignes-étincelle avec Sparkline