I'm hoping to keep a running list of web sparklines found 'in the wild'. If possible, note the technology used to create the sparklines.

Sparkline PHP Library

Sparklines on the Web

Sparklines in Microsoft Office documents

  • BonaVista MicoCharts enhances your Excel chart library with columns external image smallMicroColumnsAsc.PNG, sparklines external image smallMicroLines.PNG, win/lose external image smallMicroWinLose.PNG, bar external image smallMicroBars.PNG, pie external image smallMicroPie.PNG and bullet graphs external image smallBulletGraph.PNG. It is perfectly suited for management dashboards and makes Excel a first choice dashboard tool.
  • Bissantz SparkMakerA free add-in which allows you to easily create and insert sparklines into Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
  • SparkCells Add-in for Microsoft Excel Free for personal use. Uses the Bissantz SparkFonts font set which must be downloaded and installed separately - (website not reachable)
  • sparklines.doc, a GPL'd Microsoft Word document (no jokes about oxymorons!) with macros that generate, as drawings within the document, line and bar chart sparklines.
  • Excel Idées proposes a FREE Microsoft Excel .xla file including UDF (user defined functions) for sparklines generation (bullet graphs, lines and bars)
  • Fernando Cinquegrani's sparkline spreadsheet was posted by Jon Peltier on Juice Analytics micro chart blog.

Sparklines in JavaScript

  • TiddlyWiki, embeds a custom cross-browser JavaScript library that creates sparkline in pure HTML, with no external images required (search the source code for "sparkline.handler")
  • AgaveGroup sparklines. A cross-browser SVG-based sparkline generator.
  • AnyChart JS Charts - Sparklines in Gallery - Flexible, cross-platform and cross-browser JavaScript (HTML5) charting library AnyChart allows you to easily create interactive charts including line, area, bar, and win-loss sparklines.
  • jQuery Sparkline - jQuery plugin that creates a variety of types of sparkline using as little as 1 line of Javascript - works with all modern browsers, including IE.

Sparklines in Python

Sparklines in Photoshop

Sparklines in Ruby

Sparklines in ColdFusion/Flash

  • CFspark, a free implementation of a ColdFusion backend and Flash display of data. Code, documentation and live demo are provided.

Sparklines in Perl

Sparklines in Mac OS X

  • MenuMeters, provides Sparkline graphs for system processes such as memory and network usage